Hemp Activism

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Hempi Supports Hemp Activism

Hemp Activism

Hemp Activism has a lot of history in the United States. Many hemp activists have embodied this revolution or in most cases a lifestyle. Hemp legalization has been of considerable importance throughout our history.

Often the term activism promotes extremely personal, and immediate reactions, trending towards thoughts of what that individual is most passionate. Change can only occur at the hands of those most passionate about creating change. Change can never occur without some sort of sacrifice. An activist is willing to make certain sacrifices for the greater cause.

Activism is more than an idea. Activist is more than a label or definition. An activist takes ACTION. Hemp activists take actions that promote hemp agriculture, hemp medicine / supplements and hemp industrial products.

We seek to create jobs and a new agricultural based economy that produces a series of ground-breaking medical, beauty, food, and biofuel opportunities.

These opportunities will allow the American Farmer and the American Entrepreneur to flourish. Hemp agriculture unleashes an opportunity to create all natural, environmentally friendly products that are sustainable and do not require heavy federal subsidies to produce like many other American Crops. Hemp also requires much less fertilizer and water compared to all other commodities. No wonder the American Farmer cannot wait for the Feds to allow them to import hemp seeds from Europe, Asia and Canada. Why should the American Farmer be prohibited from purchasing the best hemp seeds available from global resources?

Today’s American Farmer needs every single advantage just to be competitive in a very business unfriendly environment.

Hemp Activists will someday be completely vindicated by medical research and science. Hemp Activists will someday be vindicated by the American Farmer’s new found success stories.

Hemp propaganda and hemp prohibition are DEAD in the water. Now is the time for change. Change does not happen without activism. Please take action today by becoming a Member of Hempi.com. We appreciate any level of donation weather it is $1 or $1,000 we definitely could use the support. Your donation will help keep the lights on at hempi.com We are a nonprofit and appreciate our Members’ support.


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