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hempi.com provides high quality, 100% organic, hemp and CBD products. Please shop our store for hemp seed oil, hemp CBDs, and CBD hemp vape products.

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Hempi, Inc. would like to partner with hemp farmers, hemp wholesalers, hemp lobbyists, and hemp entrepreneurs. Contact us to see how we can help with SEO, public relations, targeted email marketing, business development, business strategy, web development and social media marketing.

Got an idea for a new hemp product, but not sure how to get it off the ground?

Fantastic. Let’s talk. Please feel free to contact us now to discuss how to source the raw materials (hemp seed oil and CBD concentrates) in order to create that new CBD infused food product, or CBD Vape product. Or maybe your own proprietary blend of natural oils including hempseed oil will be used to create a beauty products empire.

The fact is hemp, hemp oil and hemp CBDs can be used to make countless new products. At hempi.com we look forward to the future and we are excited to see all the new products that are being created because federal hemp agricultural laws have finally been relaxed. Now it is possible to source hemp oil and hemp CBD from U.S. Farmers. At hempi.com we support the U.S. Farmer’s right to cultivate hemp, and we support the public’s right to create natural hemp products to replace old sources for plastic (petroleum), fuel (petroleum), paper (trees), construction materials (trees), medicine (pharmaceuticals), and more.

If you have an idea for a new hemp product, we would love to discuss how to go from a good idea, to a good investment, to a great hemp startup. The Hempi.com domain name was registered back in Feb. 2000. For 17 years, we had the vision for hempi.com, but waited for society to catch up. Now hemp products, specifically hemp oil and hemp CBDs, are American mainstream. There is no denying the benefits of hemp. Medical science is finding that CBDs are used against epilepsy in a variety of forms. Medical Marijuana also is linked to a reduction in symptoms for epilepsy patients. This is only the beginning. Medical science is finally taking CBDs as serious medicine. Watch for companies like GW Pharmaceuticals who are trying to get FDA approval for use of its drug containing CBDs.

This will happen and Hemp / Marijuana will finally be vindicated. There is no doubt the government would absolutely be required to reschedule Marijuana as it too contains CBDs. The allegation made by scheduling Marijuana as a class I is that Marijuana has no medicinal value. When the government acknowledges CBDs have medicinal value, they are also acknowledging marijuana to have medicinal value. Game over for the feds. Now Medical Marijuana can go legal nationwide as an acceptable alternative to pharmaceuticals. All patients will finally have the freedom of choosing a natural, homeopathic remedy such as CBD or THC rather than choosing an opiate, or some other habit forming pharmaceutical that locks the patient into more medical visits with the doctor, and more prescriptions and thus the cycle repeats…. But not anymore.

There has been an overwhelming acceptance of both hemp (CBD) and marijuana (THC). The politicians are having a difficult time catching up with the huge swell in public opinion. The public supports both hemp and marijuana. The old days of dissuading public opinion by using propaganda are over. The old days of prohibition are over. There are two new major economies emerging in the United States, the hemp economy and the medical marijuana economy. And it turns out the two are linked to one another.

This is the perfect environment for a web based hemp or medical marijuana startup. Of course, there are thousands seeking riches using a unique combination of technology and hemp / marijuana marketing, but we like to use a gold rush analogy. Everyone is rushing to this economy because there are huge market forces pushing for hemp agriculture and hemp products. At hempi.com we have been watching this trend for more than 20 years. We know who the big players are. We understand how they got there. Hempi, Inc. would like to build your hemp / marijuana themed website, and implement your social media connections. Contact us today to learn how to get started as a Hemp Entrepreneur.

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