Why is HEMP a SCHEDULE I Drug?

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We demand CHANGE Hemp CBD’s Schedule 1 Classification

CHANGE hemp CBD’s Schedule 1 Classification to Enable More Research on CBD and its ability to relieve or cure symptoms ranging from pain management, healing, inflammation response, epilepsy, and arthritis to more broad-spectrum healing and overall wellness when taken as a hemp oil capsule (supplement). Hemp oil softgels can be taken daily to alleviate a wide variety of ailments or as a daily supplement to be added to your daily vitamin routine.

The benefits of hemp oil and hemp CBD can be traced back thousands of years to Eastern Medical techniques developed by Chinese culture. For thousands of years hemp oil and hemp CBD have been healing our bodies. Only now is medical science able to understand and appreciate the true power of this medicinal plant substance. Many thousands of Americans now consider hemp oil and hemp products such as lotion, hair care, clothing to be main stream.

Nobody will be surprised if you tell them you want to try vaping hemp CBDs. In fact, this is the fastest growing segment in hemp products marketing. Many people enjoy the natural flavor of a pure hemp CBD vape. No do not expect a ‘high’ afterwards because it contains no THC. However, you can smoke hemp CBD similar to how you smoke THC.

Obviously, at hempi.com & Hempi, Inc. we are extremely concerned about pending legislation in 2018 the United States government seeks to regulate vape products and vape devices used for smoking nicotine at the same level as current tobacco companies. This is of course a big favor to the tobacco corporations and their collective interests. Marlboro cannot wait to release its vape products, but it wishes United States and the appropriate agencies will make it extremely difficult for startup companies who retail vape products and vape accessories to exist in “their” market space. In other words, goodbye vape startup companies… unless you have the one-million-dollar application fee.

So why should hempi.com care about nicotine or the tobacco industry? Because we fully expect our government will overstep this issue and include THC and CBD into the upcoming nicotine regulation / vape laws in such a way that the average person will no longer be able to formulate their own ‘strains’ or ‘medicinal compounds’ to market them as vape products. The government seeks every opportunity to lock this type of ingenuity out of the vape product market.

Stand now to tell your legislatures enough is enough. Stand now for CBDs and their continued legalization. We will not allow the government to control how we obtain and use hemp CBDs.

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