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Hempi Mission


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HEMPi has a mission to promote a global movement for a sustainable agricultural and economic future. Many generations will question why we did not head the wisdom of past leaders of industry such as Henry Ford who planned to run his automobiles on hemp fuel. The products that would be invented from Industrial Hemp and legal Hemp Cultivation would completely transform our society. We live in a throwaway society which is economically unsustainable, poisonous to our land and water, and is preventable. Petroleum poisons our water tables, rivers, lakes and oceans. Hemp fuel would reduce our carbon signature and help keep our waters clean. We need to respect hemp as our forefathers respected hemp and hemp products. The benefits of hemp are infinite. The time is now to stop chopping down trees for paper. Hemp makes all the paper products needed by society without deforestation. Our humble role in this global movement is to act as hemp lobbyist, activists and scientists. We believe that hemp can help us to create a new world by providing an alternative fuel, nutritious food supplement, replenishing the soil, reducing use of fertilizers, etc. all of which reshapes the economy by promoting commercial responsibility. Commercial responsibility means corporations need to find ways to make American products from environmentally friendly agriculture. Hemp can save the economy and contains no THC. Hemp is a commodity like cotton but much better. Support the American Farmer’s right to grow hemp crops by shopping with hempi.com

[ Hemp can save the humans].

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