Why is New York State Anti-CBD?

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CBD (hemp) is making tremendous strides as a breakout superstar for treating a wide variety of medical symptoms. New uses for hemp and CBD are being discovered at an amazing pace. One of the current CBD patented drugs is coming close to market. Epidiolex, a CBD drug developed by U.K.-based GW Pharmaceuticals is currently undergoing clinical trials. Dr. Orrin Devinsky, the principal investigator of the Epidiolex study, recently presented positive findings from late-stage trials about the drug’s potential in treating seizures associated with certain types of epilepsy.

Many people are packing up and moving to Colorado and with good reason. Some liberal states that allow medical marijuana DO NOT allow CBD. New York is one example of a state with such restrictive Medical Marijuana Laws that it is not possible for patients in State Run Facilities to be allowed CBD even when prescribed by a doctor because CBD was not specifically defined in the formation of New York’s Medical Marijuana Laws. So, what is the big deal? Why limit patient’s options especially when this option is non-habit forming and not expensive? Because the government must have its hand in any pocket that develops drugs or compounds that have medical value, or they will not support the drug… it is that simple.

So, New York is just on board with the mind-set that if it is not good for our corporations, and not profitable for the state of New York, then we do not think it is of value. That is the mindset behind not allowing people the right to choose a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals.

What a minute… a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals… we could never have that and make it legal… unless we can profit from it enough… then we will allow it or legalize it. That is the thought process of corrupt and warped politicians. Their motives are always diluted with kickbacks and promises to corporate America, and rarely are in line with the motivations of the average American citizen.

The New York State Department of Health provided the following statement:

New York State’s Medical Marijuana Program regulates the manufacture, sale and use of medical marijuana in New York State. Approved medical marijuana products sold by organizations registered with the State’s Medical Marijuana Program (ROs) often contain CBD. However, products purchased outside of the ROs that claim to be “CBD oil” or “hemp-derived plant extracts” are outside the purview of the State’s Medical Marijuana Program and may be of unknown content and quality.

In other words, legal blah blah says that if the State of New York does not profit from hemp oil then YOU cannot profit from (or be allowed to use personally) any form of CBD or hemp. If you really take time to think about why the government is anti-hemp or anti-marijuana it is because they are easily produced by the common man. In fact, the common man can produce enough hemp or marijuana to make medicine and other products that we could do without many paper and petroleum products today. Both paper and petroleum products are harmful to the environment, and both are easily replaced by hemp. So yes, the real motivation for a State like New York is what is in it for me? Are we not tired of this attitude from our government? Why is there always something that must be contributed to the government for the government to allow its retail or distribution, especially when it comes to medicine that is safe, natural, non-habit forming, economical and easily produced by the common man? The FDA must be paid its millions in ‘pay off’ money to get past the approval process for federal distribution. Nobody is standing in line to pay the government to patent marijuana or hemp.

But there are some game changers on the horizon. First in 2018 new vape laws and regulations may kick in and alter the CBD Vape landscape. Currently, the feds seem primarily focused on the regulation of vapes that contain nicotine, but do not be surprised when the government announces it wishes to add CBD vaping to the regulations and stipulations that will be applied to nicotine based vaping. When this happens, we must demand a reversal. We must stand for what is ours and for what is right. Hemp and Marijuana have been consumed by humans for more than ten-thousand years all the way back to the very beginning of society. They are plants with very little downside and huge upside, so why regulate and control these plants? Because the government sees dollar signs.

The government cannot have the average citizen growing hemp or marijuana and making six figure salaries all in cash and not paying taxes. There I said it. Now believe it because it is the exact reason the government is so damn strict on marijuana and hemp. They have a difficult time controlling the market and profiting of off the cannabis trade. So, they would rather lock up average Americans for growing and smoking a plant for medicinal purposes, than allow them to make TAX FREE INCOME off marijuana or hemp cultivation.

So now that I have aired the laundry, I hope everyone will follow the dollar signs and see exactly why the government and states like New York do not approve of citizens producing or consuming hemp CBDs.
Contact the state representatives and legislatures for New York and tell them what douchebags they are for limiting and restricting medical marijuana laws to the point that they do not allow any patients in state run facilities to have prescribed CBDs.

Why is New York State Anti-CBD?

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