West Virginia Decide About CBDs

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West Virginia allows the sale, distribution, and prescription of hemp-derived CBD oils.

West Virginia State Senators are on the right path… again. Hopefully these lawmakers do not being to over regulate hemp oil or hemp CBDs. Please respected Senators do not take away our right to choose THC or CBD as a homeopathic remedy for any ailment. We are willing to fight for our right to make this choice. We are organized and justice is on our side.

We applaud the West Virginia lawmakers bill amendments adding hemp CBD to the drug schedule allowing the sale, distribution of hemp-derived CBD oils. The amendment differentiates between CBD products derived from hemp and CBD products derived from cannabis plants containing more than the .3 percent THC allowable under federal law.

The changes by the Senate Judiciary Committee were made after the Director of the West Virginia Hemp Industries Association, Morgan Leach, said the original version of the bill (amendments) would cause confusion regarding CBD classifications.

Leach indicated that making the “cash crop” available will help the state become “a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation.” No doubt everyone by now realizes the economic benefits of allowing hemp CBDs to remain legal at the National level. But it is equally important to remain cognizant of any State or Federal encroachment into civil liberties. It is a civil right to grow hemp and marijuana just as our forefathers. We are here to claim that civil right today.

The revolution is sweeping the entire country and no politician can escape the question “What is your stance on hemp agriculture and hemp CBDs?”

West Virginia stands behind their trusted obligation to hemp farmers. The State of West Virginia gives the Farmer an ability to cultivate hemp. Furthermore, the farmer can process hemp to make a wide variety of hemp products. Hemp seeds can be used to create a hemp oil extraction that is rich in both plant materials such as turpentines and also retains high concentrations of CBD.

“Our goals are to (build) industries around food products, dietary supplements, cosmetics and topicals, paper, textiles, bio-plastics, advanced battery technologies and much more.” Said one West Virginia farmer. However, there remains a strong interest among farmers to grow hemp for renewable biodiesel. Hemp Biodiesel can power thousands of automobiles in the near future. Hemp Biodiesel is a product both farmers and politicians can support because it will transform our economy and promote a long list of sustainable and renewable sources for fuel, paper, textiles, medicine, etc.

Democratic state Sen. Bob Beach, whose wife teaches an industrial hemp course at Pierpont Community and Technical College, said lawmakers are still undergoing an “education process” with regard to hemp. Any lawmaker who wishes to undergo an education process is encouraged to contact us today. We will be happy to discuss any aspect of hemp, hemp oil or hemp CBD.

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