What is Hemp?

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What is Hemp?

What is hemp

Industrial Hemp is America’s biggest untapped resource. The benefits of having hemp plants that can grow in almost any soil, with very minimal maintenance, labor, pesticide or water resources are why hemp agriculture appeals to many American Farmers. Today’s farmer is chomping at the bit for legal hemp cultivation. Hemp can be grown and every part of the plant from stalk to seed to stem and leaf are all useful for making just about any type of product imaginable. Today’s hemp oils are used in beauty products around the world. Hemp is world famous for providing strong, healthy hair and finger nails, radiant skin tone and enhanced brain function. Let’s just take a moment to consider some of the best uses for hemp.

1 Hemp food:

Hemp seeds taste great and they are good for you. Hemp seeds provide a nutrition packed supplement that satisfies hunger and potentially can reduce risk from health problems like coronary disease or diabetes. If you’re thinking of starting a diet, think about including hemp seeds in your protein shake to get a boost of Omega 3 fatty acids and other essential vitamins.

2 Paper:

Since the dawn of time hemp has been cultivated to make paper. The first paper that human beings used was, in fact, made from hemp. Now researchers believe hemp would replace trees as a source for paper reducing deforestation in the process. The reason hemp was taxed and made illegal was because paper companies and cotton farmers could not compete with hemp.

3 Building materials:

Stronger, tougher and environmentally friendly industrial hemp fiber can been used for wood panels, plastics, hemp bricks and building blocks, and rope. Hemp fibers are simply better than the average wood board or plastic beam processing procedures are much quicker Henry Ford wanted to fuel his Model T using industrial hemp. To be honest this should be an American Standard.

Hemp biofuel has been could solve many problems from economic stability in the rural communities to global warming. Imagine NO more drilling, NO more pulling crude oil from the Earth, NO more oil spills and costly cleanups, and more importantly a reduction in terrorism because we no longer support certain Arab Nations while turning our backs on or bombing others. Petroleum will reach peak oil someday, and yes, we will run out of OIL

A hemp revolution is coming.

Hemp Can Save the Humans!



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